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Valentine Picture Theme Ideas: Kids

I have been thinking of all the many ways to create a memorable image of a child for Valentines Day. The image can be used so many different ways (cards, framed gifts for parents/grandparents, in jewelry or on the wall). I will probably be attempting a few different idea’s with my children in the near future to see what works and what doesn’t.

These idea’s will work as a “do it yourself” mom-shoot, or with a professional photographer. Mainly my goal is assembling a list of idea’s for people to use (mom’s and photographers alike!) I would love to see some examples from other photographers and see what they have come up with. In the past I have seen images of kids sitting in front of a camera on a white background, with a few scattered candies, or a child enjoying a heart shaped lollipop. Those are fun too… I hope this list can expand beyond that.

Here are a few idea’s off the top of my head. Please feel free to add your own idea’s in the comments area!

  • Get a red balloon, take them out to a field and get some sunset images of them playing with their balloon, or on a walk with it.

  • Mom put on some deep red lipstick then give them a big kiss on the cheek.. get a nice close up head shot of them (best on boys)

  • put them in one of daddys shirts and ties(boy) or mommas dress and heels (girls) and get them to blow a kiss at the camera.

  • Pin a simple cut out red heart to child shirt (where a corsage would go).

  • Close up of child “blowing a kiss” with a handfull of heart shaped confetti blowing at the camera. (I got this idea from somebody, wish it was my own!)

  • Design a “Be My Valentine” card and have child hold it in the picture – Then use both the card and image as a gift to someone special. (works great on babies 3mo-12mos)

  • Cover an area with an insane ammount of V-day candy (brightly colored candy hearts or other heart shaped candies) and get child to “lay” in it.

  • Have a child take a small stick and pose with it against a tree “as if” he/she were etching the tree (of course, be kind to the tree and do not harm it!) Then use photoshop to create a heart with initials as if it were carved.

  • Have your little boy leaning against a wall, casually holding a small bow and arrow (be safe of course, maybe a suction cup tip arrow?)

  • Same boy, holding the bow and arrow in the “shoot position” towards camera or to the side.

  • Child wearing a catchers mit with a heart (paper heart, maybe a plush heart?) in the mit.   (Caption ideas: “You *caught* my heart!” “Catch me, I’m yours!” “You’re quite the catch!”)

  • two kids kissing or holding hands

  • Write a red heart on their hand – Get them to put that hand out in front of them. The photographer would focus on the hand, letting the background go out of focus into a blurred shadow of the child (or bokeh).

  • I wish I had a large gallery of examples of each of these idea’s, but so far I have not had the chance to try ANY of them! (Sad! Google searches are not giving me many examples or ideas either!) I would love to see your idea’s as well!


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    1. Koren Faust says:

      These are great ideas Angela. Thanks for sharing! Koren

    2. Cecilia says:

      Thanks for sharing! These are terrific ideas. I will def try them!

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